In every industry, digitalization is disrupting and transforming the way business is conducted. Customers are very demanding and expect what they want, when they want and successful business are the ones that support the evolving needs of the customers with speed and agility. 

Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to seamlessly connect internal data to external applications and serve the customers in real-time. There are hundreds of products in the market today that can help you build APIs.  Choosing the right product and the right team can be the difference between 3 months and 18 months and several hundred thousand dollars in expenses and even more in lost revenue.

At mondCloud we have deep expertise in designing and building Insurance APIs that are powerful, flexible and offer a standard mechanism to integrate internal and external applications with security and scale, giving you an ability to rapidly innovate and create new business opportunities.


Faster time to market

Our expertise in designing APIs for commercial lines carriers gives us a greater understanding of your needs and challenges. Our modern API design and build capability enables you to bring the solution to market rapidly.

Ensures maximum performance

Our proprietary API design ensures APIs built by us offer seamless connectivity with your internal and external applications, partners and vendors. Having the ability to design, build, publish, deploy and manage APIs all in one unified tool results in maximum performance for you.

Lower Cost

With the ability to design and build the APIs faster, we are able to offer our customers a lower price point. Our experienced team has seen various applications at insurance carriers and have built integration layers and APIs.


API Design in JSON or XML

One of the most critical factors in building an API with superior performance is its design element. We can share with you our API design document in JSON or XML format depending on your requirements. It will have all required fields, standard and business classifications. This will enable you to build the API faster.

API Implementation Services

If you so choose, we can also build the API for you. Our expertise in API along with our Platform enables us to build the APIs much faster than building it in-house or with other open source tools in the marketplace.



Complete Set of API tools to Connect Applications and Data

Connect to any application or endpoint, from your core systems or other mainframe systems. Our pre-packaged smart connectors facilitate rapid connectivity while technology connectors provide extensive support for a range of data protocols and formats, including files, REST/JSON, SOAP/XML, Open API, database, no-SQL and COBOL.


API Design, Build, Publish and Manage

Build, Publish and manage all of your APIs in one place maintaining a single source of truth.


Safe, Secure and Scalable Cloud

We understand our clients take security seriously and we do too,  security and protection is built right into our strategy and design, not added on as an afterthought. Our platform has regularly gone through SOC audit with no exceptions, ensuring security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Being on the Cloud gives you unlimited scalability options at a lower cost.

Customized and Dedicated Support

We not only provide you the Platform, but we offer consulting services to custom design and implementation build the entire solution in collaboration with your team. This end to end solution ensures that you have the APIs ready in half the time it takes to build using other tools or building it in house.

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