What is mondCloud Notion?

mondCloud™ Notion is the revolutionary architectural foundation for everything on mondCloud™.

It enables massively efficient data integration without the need to know how a specific field is called in each particular database table or REST response.

Notion is an intermediary translation layer that harmonizes different document formats and database terminologies to extract relevant, congruent data on-demand.

Essentially, Notion provides a business dictionary of industry-specific terminology on one side, and on the other, a mechanism to figure out the intended meaning of the data.

This allows multiple teams to use the same pool of data without having to agree on terminology, database structure, or document format.

Intended Meaning Over References

Notion clarifies the intended meaning of data fields, rather than what they are called or how they are referenced or formatted, for all stakeholders involved.

This meta-layer dramatically saves time, effort, and expense without forcing any team or individual to change their existing workflows for collecting and storing data.

No more need to manually link terms across databases, or dedicate entire teams to the enormous task of correlating terminology.

Notion allows infinitely flexible, any-to-any data integration across the varying field names and document structures used in particular departments and/or work groups, to better meet their respective business needs.

mondCloud Citizen Integrator

mondCloud Citizen Integrator is an empowered non-programmer user role within an enterprise which can easily implement their own desired changes to business solutions in response to shifting requirements and circumstances, without endangering the stability of the overall system.

This enables business analysts to eliminate the time-consuming process of communicating a change request in detail to a technological third party and then overseeing the implementation of the change. Citizen Integrator not only empowers enterprise clients to efficiently refine their own software to better address evolving business process requirements. 

It also frees up Integration Partners to service a larger client base over time, as Citizen Integrator is simple enough for existing enterprise clients to use without ongoing support.

Alternatively, if an Integrator prefers a more hands-on relationship with their enterprise clients, Citizen Integrator allows our partners to offer maintenance services more quickly and at lower cost.

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