Spaces for Business Applications

A mondCloud™ Space is your dedicated location for application storage and execution. 

The mondCloud™ BPM, a stateless engine that runs on the latest JBoss servers, seamlessly performs numerous functions: integration and manipulation of data, monitoring of business processes, creation and delivery of reports, backups including complete version control with snapshots of every object in the system, and more.

Powerful End-to-End Monitoring

Receive dynamic alerts with real-time multi-channel notifications of violations for business-level policies and SLAs, including cases per agent, cases per severity, average resolution time, average task completion time, and SLA compliance, among many other KPI’s.

For instance, mondCloud™ Spaces’ powerful end-to-end monitoring system makes it possible to track a business document from the time it is created in the customer’s ERP to the time it is delivered to the partner’s ERP—in different, otherwise incompatible systems.

Worry-Free Cloud Computing

A single mondCloud™ Space securely supports several thousand concurrent users and processes, eliminating risk and worry. No more lost sleep wondering whether your servers will handle the Black Friday load, or the Holiday Season load.

mondCloud™ provides comprehensive automated and manual monitoring, 24x7x365, end-to-end, to safeguard the reliability of all applications, servers, networks, documents, and business processes running on the platform.

Reliable & Predictable

Customers and their trading partners both appreciate mondCloud’s spotless record of 99.99% availability. And mondCloud™ can run on-premise, in a private cloud, in a multi-tenant public cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment, all from the same software package.

Beyond all of these operational and data advantages, mondCloud™ Spaces also enables the simple metering of all transactions executed in each application, which is the basis of determining cost level for the end user. Each user’s level of transactions generally falls into a defined range.*

Users pay a single monthly fee based on that range. It’s that simple and predictable.

*Transaction cost levels available upon request.

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