User Interfaces From a Data Model

mondCloud’s form designer is a UI tool that empowers you to define how your customers interact with your data. Beyond providing a complete UI builder for rapid application development, mondCloud’s form designer can automatically connect a form’s fields and active UI elements to your data model.

Building on the foundation defined in the data modeler, mondCloud’s form designer can create variables on a form by pulling specific fields from the data model.

This direct connection to the data model also makes it possible to automatically structure API calls in relation to a form’s definition. Essentially, you can create a form, and then post the whole JSON, without having to reconnect the variables after translation.

Built-In Responsive Design

In addition to building powerful connections to data models and business rules, the form designer allows you to define your own CSS, as well as upload your own graphical assets.

mondCloud’s form designer also creates responsive design, ensuring your customers can easily interact with your forms on a wide variety of smartphones and other mobile devices.

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