The Ultimate AI Powered Low-code Platform

  • Let’s face it, building complex enterprise applications can be time consuming, expensive and tends to run into unexpected delays.
  • Even the brightest and smartest developers cannot crank out applications fast enough without the right set of tools.
  • Building and maintaining an application with the demanding functionality expected by today's users can quickly become a time-consuming and expensive venture without the proper platform and tools.

How many tools do you need to

  • Design Data Models
  • Expose them as API’s
  • Save Data into any Database & Fetch the Data
  • Transform Data into your choice (XML, CSV, JSON etc.)
  • Consume External API’s, implement Business Rules
  • Create responsive forms, implement workflow
  • Create Reports, BI Dashboards
  • Scale your applications based on demand
  • Make it 99.99% available  secure, auditable and redundant?

mondCloud Low-code Platform

Trusted Security

  • mondCloud™ customers are some of the world's best known brands. They trust mondCloud's technology to exchange mission critical electronic business documents with their trading partners, brokers, distributors, contractors, and agents, in multiple industries across the globe.
  • mondCloud™ is driven, by its commitment to customers, to continually adopt and maintain the most stringent data security and processing standards.
Click here to know more about the mondCloud Security Features

Turn your developers into super heroes

  • Whether it is Java/Dot-Net/PHP/Javascript or any other development language, the number of frameworks and components is spiralling out of control.
  • It is almost impossible to find developers that have an end to end skill set of all the components required to build complex applications and also have a keen sense of business.  
  • With state-of-the-art mondCloud™, Low-code Platform even your junior most developer will quickly blossom into a super developer to produce large-scale mission-critical enterprise grade applications without compromising on security and compliance.

Focus on Business requirements, not Technology

  • Typically developers juggle with multiple products from different vendors or open source tools, bringing them together with different experts and making it work together.
  • With mondCloud™ Low-code Platform your super heroes work on a SINGLE platform that has all the components required to build complex applications required today in a simplified way.
  • Your super heroes do not have to worry about creating forms that work on web, mobile, desktop etc., but instead of focus on business logic and leave the rest to the mondCloud™platform.

Data quality by Design

  • With mondCloud’s Business Rules Engine, you can define your business rules in a single repository, without coding rules at each application or database level.
  • The Business Rules use the same mondCloud™ Notion® or Business terms, enabling you to enforce strict data quality rules for all incoming and outgoing data, ensuring you deliver trusted data to all stakeholders.
  • This approach greatly improves data integrity and significantly reduces the ongoing application maintenance effort.

Integrate with ease

  • mondCloud™ Low-code Platform is the ONLY platform that supports AI generated omni-directional integration based on mondCloud™ Notion® or Business Terms.
  • This is another area where mondCloud™ is far ahead of every other product in the market. mondCloud™ was designed and built based on our multi-decade experience with real-world customer applications across the world, comprising of a variety of ERP’s, CRM’s, Banking and Insurance platforms, custom applications, databases, data formats, communication protocols, security standards, and much more.
  • With mondCloud™ Low-code platform, you can easily integrate data from web, mobile, desktop application to any database or application. These assets are reusable through-out your enterprise, allowing data to flow through your existing back-office systems and business processes.

Deliver Enterprise grade Applications quicker

  • Today’s Traditional IT departments have to deliver applications at the pace of start-ups, and yet satisfy all enterprise IT and security rules.
  • Mastering every new development language and open source framework is no longer viable. 
  • mondCloud™ enables faster solution development, by minimizing hand-coding, auto-generating a substantial amount of code (you must see the demo), maximizing re-use and by using super heroes who can perform multiple tasks, instead of costly specialized developers who know only a single stack very well.

Freedom to Innovate

  • One of the biggest challenges for Cloud software providers and their customers is the frequency of updates.
  • Every new update to the cloud platform, requires rigorous internal and external testing, no matter how small the change is.
  • This severely restricts the ability of the provider to innovate and come up with new versions quickly.
  • mondCloud™, solves this problem by completely isolating each mondCloud™ engine version and enabling our end users to run multiple versions of mondCloud™ engine at the same time, on the same server. Any new mondCloud™ engine version will have NO impact on the older mondCloud™ engine versions, and your older services and applications will continue to run with ZERO IMPACT.
  • This gives the mondCloud team tremendous freedom to innovate and come out with newer versions quickly, knowing that our customers do not have do any regression testing.

Security, Scalability, Responsive UI, Maintainability, Redundancy: All taken care

  • mondCloud™ hosted on AWS, or Azure is a scalable, fullysecure, SSAE16 Audited platform.
  • Some of the most demanding Fortune 100 Companies and startups use mondCloud for their mission critical activities.
  • The platform handles thousands of concurrent users, handles several giga-bytes of data coming and going out every day, with a 99.99% availability for the last 5+ years.

A Single Platform

  • Todays modern applications require API’s, Responsive User Interface, Business Process Management, Backend Integration, Communication Protocols and more.
  • You can opt for “Best of breed” for each of these categories and struggle with bringing the different products together, or use a single platform that has all these modules in a single tool. mondCloud team has built all these modules from ground up,resulting in a seamless developer experience, enabling your super heroes to build applications quicker than ever before.
Click here to learn more about each of these platform features and tools in depth

mondCloud™ offers two partner programs for system integrators who want to transform their clients’ business processes, with attractive revenue-sharing potential.

The Enterprise Program is designed for system integrators who want to dramatically improve the business processes of their existing clients in banking, insurance, supply chain management, energy efficiency program management, or enterprise clients in other fields.

The SMB Program is crafted for system integrators who want to create exceptionally efficient software solutions for small and medium-sized business clients in any industry.

Partner Programs

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