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Why mondCloud?

Requirements for business software architecture and infrastructure are changing rapidly. New generations of both internal and client-facing applications demand that enterprises continuously output software with high availability and infinite scalability, yet must also remain completely secure and compliant.

Now more than ever, IT groups and business analysts need to work closer together to build dynamic solutions. Monolithic software is no longer a competitive approach—fast-paced demands cannot be met by software built exclusively by IT departments, on traditional release cycle schedules.

What is mondCloud?

mondCloud's Rapid Solution Builder for Enterprise Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools and infrastructure to handle the complete life cycle of even the most complex business applications. Architecture, development, deployment, and continuous business process adaptation are all instantly accessible and managed from within the browser.

No new specialized knowledge is required — across all industries, this premium solution-building suite is a better vehicle for your business expertise.


Getting Ahead Faster

mondCloud™ harmonizes Data Modeling, Data-driven UI Design, Business Process Management, Document Data Integration, and Enterprise Application Integration in one comprehensive suite, saving time by uniting processes on a single platform and easing the flow of information from one stage to the next.

mondCloud™ enables both system integrators and enterprise customers alike to deliver high quality applications in a fraction of the time of traditional business solution development.

Because Enterprise Deserves Better.

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More Cake With Less Dough

Smart Supply Chain Integrations | Switch to mondCloud™

Become the supply chain hero and save up to 50% on your B2B/EDI supply chain integration.

Trusted Enterprise Infrastructure

mondCloud™ has cultivated a deep awareness of enterprise needs over years of experience, and tailor-made Spaces, Notion, Security, and other integrated infrastructural elements to meet those needs. 

While competitors like Dell Boomi®, MuleSoft®, and Liaison® may claim to offer iPaas (integration platform as a service), mondCloud’s infrastructure provides a compliant, secure, and logically connected system that enables truly complete iPaas solutions.

mondCloud Customer Migration Patterns

Key Customers Migrating From

Migrated from Internal Systems 48%

Migrated from Fiserv® 10%

Migrated from E2open® 8%

Migrated from IBM® 13%

Migrated from Microsoft® 12%

Migrated from GXS® 8%

This shows the vendors and platforms our customers are migrating from.

Other Vendors/Platforms Evaluated

GXS® 40%

IBM/IBM Bluemix® 30%

Fiserv® 13%

Liaison® 8%

Dell Boomi® 10%

MuleSoft® 11%

webMethods® 9%

Other BPM Tools 14%

This shows the vendors and platforms our customers have evaluated before deciding to purchase mondCloud™.

Latest News

mondCloud™ offers two partner programs for system integrators who want to transform their clients’ business processes, with attractive revenue-sharing potential.

The Enterprise Program is designed for system integrators who want to dramatically improve the business processes of their existing clients in banking, insurance, supply chain management, energy efficiency program management, or enterprise clients in other fields.

The SMB Program is crafted for system integrators who want to create exceptionally efficient software solutions for small and medium-sized business clients in any industry.

Partner Programs

Whether you’re a single decider, or a team member seeking a solution for your group, please use the form to the right to schedule a live demo of the mondCloud™ platform and its tools.

All of our live demos are easily accessible, by any number of attendees, on GoTo Meeting.

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Whether you have specific application or integration needs, want to discuss industry-specific solutions or concerns, would like more information about your options for integration partner tracks, or have any other questions about mondCloud’s offerings, feel free to contact us.

Our technical sales team is ready to discuss your business needs, and how mondCloud™ can help you meet them efficiently both now and in the future.

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Good News!

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