Save up to 50% on Your B2B/EDI Supply Chain Integration

Regardless of what you assemble, manufacture, ship, or produce, mondCloud™ will help you make more cake with less dough.

A typical B2B Supply Chain Management Application can save 25-50% annually compared to our competitors.

Become the supply chain hero by saving your organization big time and get rid of old school variable kilocharacter pricing in the process.

Sound Familiar?

We understand. Your supply chain is mission-critical, that's why you decided to use a top 3/tier 1 B2B vendor.

You need world-class security, no downtime, and maximum scalability. You have huge amounts of trading partners and so many data formats to support (EDIFACT, X12, RosettaNet, Positional files, CSV, XLS, etc.)

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

mondCloud™ operates as a single, secure B2B integration gateway that even simplifies existing infrastructure at a far lower and predictable price point.

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