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Can I run my own private cloud with mondCloud™? Or can I install mondCloud on premise?

mondCloud™ applications can be used as a multi-tenant cloud instance or deployed on-premise as a private cloud solution. Using the cloud version means implementing rapid POCs, going live in weeks, instead of months with traditional solutions, and seeing immediate ROIs. It also means having the freedom to move from cloud to on-premise or from on-premise to cloud, or using a mixture of the two.

We use the same codebase for on-premise deployment and cloud deployment. This empowers users to move freely from on-premise to cloud or vice versa, without rewriting the integration code.

What does "mond" actually stand for?

mond stands for mapping on demand, our proven core technology that is deeply embedded into mondCloud™ Notion and all of our tools.

Do you offer end-to-end monitoring?

We provide comprehensive automated and manual monitoring 24x7x365 that covers the applications, network, servers, documents, and business processes running on mondCloud™.

Do you offer adapters for SAP R/3?

Yes, mondCloud's SAP ThinClient Adapter provides high-speed, low-impact, non-intrusive access to SAP® systems. It exposes the critical business logic and data contained with SAP® for reuse. Our SAP ThinClient adapter communicates with SAP R/3 using the Remote Function Call (RFC) protocol and supports RFC and Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI).

What kind of auditing guarantees that our data is secure?

mondCloud™ (cloud and on-premise) provides clustering and load balancing with replication. Well tested Disaster Recovery Solutions, provide a guaranteed RTO (Recovery Time Objective). mondCloud™ has been SSAE16 Type II audited since 2014. We offer a well documented and audited management process that covers hardware, software, and all services.

I need to integrate Salesforce® and SAP®. Can I do this with mondCloud™?

Yes, absolutely. Whether it is Customers, Contacts, Product Lists, or Orders, mondCloud™ can automate bi-directional transfer of data 10x faster than other products using mondCloud™ Notion. mondCloud™ can receive the changed data from Salesforce® and synchronize the SAP® system based on defined business rules. Our clients can get a single view of customer, in both Salesforce® and SAP® environments.

What is your RTO and RPO?

We never went down. Ask our customers.

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