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The insurance industry is embracing modern technologies and is accentuating efforts on innovation to improve customer experience, to identify and develop new business opportunities to gain efficiency in operations. InsurTech led innovations are expected to automate areas such as claims management, policy administration, billing, payment gateway and underwriting, lowering costs to insurance companies and enabling them to provide differentiated products and services. This will also enable Carriers to role out new products at breakneck speed. Insurance Companies not part of this digital adoption will perish over a period of time like Dinosaurs in Ice age.

Survey of Insurance Company CIOs worldwide has revealed their strong desire to adopt digital strategy to be relevant in today’s world. Cruising to the cloud helps Carriers offer their product and services in an omni-channel environment and catering effectively to the millennials.

mondCloud For Insurance

mondCloud brings to the customers an advanced technology platform to help insurance companies in all aspects of their digital strategy. The Platform's strength lies in the architectures and design that enables effective rollout of products and services via APis and microservices. The state-of-the-art AI driven engine provides an edge to Insurance companies for innovation in the area of underwriting, claims, customer service and in launching new products and services.

Cloud gained momentum as leading players like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Adobe, Google, Oracle have all started switching customers to the Cloud. This is a phenomenon that is catching on and every Carrier has either started the journey or is in the process of transition, In a limited way or on a full-blown scale. We currently have the following applications available for Carriers:

  • AI based Rating Engine
  • Portal Solutions
  • Policy Administration System
  • Claims Management System
  • Billing Integration
  • Underwriting
  • Payment Gateways
  • Data Exchanges
  • Robotic Process Automation

Value Proposition

mondCloud enables insurance companies to be agile and to be at the forefront of technology adoption with a platform that lends speed, simplicity and agility to the Solutions innovation and development ecosystem.

Accelerate Business Growth

Onboard Partners, expand channels, rapidly launch new products & services and grow your business

Increase Operational Efficiency

Automate Underwriting, Claims and Policy servicing backed by mondCloud AI and increase operational efficiency

Improve Business

Make changes to solutions quickly to respond instantly to market demands and to meet regulatory compliance within timeframe


Partner with mondCloud Insurance R&D Cell and innovate on products, services and processes continuously

Single Platform For All Your Needs

Process Automation, Partner on-boarding, AI based Underwriting and Claims,
Exchanging electronic documents with Partners such as Auto agencies,
Hospitals - Do all in the same platform. It is quick and simple.

Web based insurance sales

UAE based insurer joins the first few to be selling marine transit policies on the web in the country
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Broker enablement

North American based insurer launches a FIXED (Format independent exchange of electronic documents) channel for Brokers
Learn More

Automated claim settlement

North American based insurer stays ahead in innovation by launching air travel insurance claims settlement based on AI
Learn More

Expand business channels and partners rapidly

Build Services for issuing quotes and policies and use the same set of services for expanding sales channels on the Web, through brokers or through channel partners irrespective of the formats in which you receive the reqeust for quotes or policies. MOND Semantic services obscures all message structure related concerns and lets you concentrate on the real business.


  • Launch web based sales of policies with attractive multistep forms
  • Develop & deliver web based sales portal for partners
  • Extend B2B channel for brokers & partners
  • Implement exception based underwriting
  • Integrate and sell through Insurance Aggregator Portals
  • Implement 360° view of Customer and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities


  • Automate AI based claims processing
  • Implement disruptive claims settlement such as settle air travel claims immediately if there are delay in flights
  • Enhance Fraud detection using fraud detection rules
  • Automate subrogation and improve profitability

Policy Administration

  • Quickly launch self service portals
  • Enable business teams to effectively follow up on policy renewals
  • Move towards paperless policy records with electronic document management

Regulatory Compliance

  • Automate OFAC and PEP(Politically exposed persons) checks
  • Implement system based checks and controls for regulatory compliance
  • Automate regulatory report submissions
  • Maintain transaction history for legal audit

The mondCloud Rules Engine allowed us to quickly implement a complex, yet fully customizable Insurance Quote Generator in a quarter of the time and cost of other products.

Raj Abeysinghe
Vice President of Services • Oman Insurance Company

mondCloud™ offers two partner programs for system integrators who want to transform their clients’ business processes, with attractive revenue-sharing potential.

The Enterprise Program is designed for system integrators who want to dramatically improve the business processes of their existing clients in banking, insurance, supply chain management, energy efficiency program management, or enterprise clients in other fields.

The SMB Program is crafted for system integrators who want to create exceptionally efficient software solutions for small and medium-sized business clients in any industry.

Partner Programs

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