Rapidly Changing B2B Supply Chain

Active Supply Chain Management strives to maximize customer value and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But the limitations of legacy technology and complexities of data exchange makes end to end transparency almost impossible. In a world where change is the only constant how does the organization succeed and meet the expectations of its customers, partners and employees?

In this challenging environment, where you need to run a business and keep your eyes out for innovation, how do the organizations like yours thrive and succeed ?

One of the ways to move forward and succeed is to use…


and move your applications to the cloud. These days cloud computing is not just about IT architecture, it offers a way to use modern technology to solve real business problems. Cloud computing is a utility that you can turn on, rather than building your own infrastructure. For example, if you need electricity turn on the switch and your provider just send you electricity over their grid.Similarly cloud providers have software applications and infrastructure that your team can access over the internet without having to build it in-house.

Cloud technology creates an opportunity for flexible, rapid and sustainable growth. Moving to the cloud creates a quicker quickly on-board new partners  new digital initiatives and compete effectively in this digital age.


Who is moving to the Cloud?

A recent study by industry researcher SupplyChain Digest estimates that the cloud use is on the rise. Over 70% of respondents  say that they will be using cloud software and applications for their supply chain. Previously only large innovative organizations lead the movement to the cloud, but now, more mid-size and smaller entities are moving to the cloud as can be seen by the higher adoption numbers.  

What does this mean for you? It means that more competitive pressures and drive to stay relevant to customers. You have to drive supply chain efficiency and visibility throughout the entire organization.


The reason organizations are moving to the cloud B2B integrations is the significant advantages that can be reaped both in terms of ability to innovate rapidly along with the ability to significantly reduce operating costs.

There are significant advantages of moving to the cloud and leading organizations are leveraging cloud services for:

 Operational Efficiency and Scalability:

          I.       Simpler and faster way to drive internal efficiency

         II.       Reduce complexity for better governance and expanded access to new types of data

        III.       Delivers visibility, insights, and capabilities essential to create intelligent supply chain

       IV.       IT capacity is better aligned to business volumes

        V.       Time-to-market is tremendously reduced

 Business model innovation:

  • Breakdown silos to deliver visibility,     insights, and capabilities essential to create intelligent supply chain
  • Creates new business opportunities by delivering     an integrated value supply chain



Benefits of moving to Cloud

Using cloud technology for B2B integrations, organizations are not only able to innovate and bring new products rapidly, but they are able to reduce their infrastructure cost significantly.

Having a cloud software significantly improves implementation speed resulting in faster deployments. Keeping applications on the cloud means you are always on the latest version of the software, no need to wait for those optional pesky quarterly upgrades which you kept putting off, until your software was so behind that you had to do 5 level upgrades at the same time.

Cloud technology enables you to optimize your run time cost with the ability to use pay for what you use model. If it is Black Friday and your volumes are going to sky rocket, your cloud provider gives you unlimited scalability. And when volumes drop back down in January, you don’t have to pay for all the additional infrastructure. If you have all in-house technology you have to be prepared for large volumes and the high cost associated with maintaining the infrastructure round the clock. Now with cloud technology your volumes can go up and down and you pay only for what you use.


It is very interesting to note that according to a Novarica study the conventional wisdom on security and cost has flipped. Security is widely seen as a benefit of cloud technology and that by careful management there are significant cost savings by moving to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure providers have to comply with strict government regulations and standards for maintaining privacy of personal, financial data. So, they offer a robust platform with strict security measures and standards.


How can mondCloud help?

The best part is that there are modern Platform’s like mondCloud’s state-of-the-art AI driven cloud native platform that provide an edge to organizations that want to innovate. MOND Agile Gateway offers B2B Integrations by allowing you to manage all vendors, suppliers, clients and distributors in a single platform. The Platform’s strength lies in its breakthrough architecture and flexible integration in a secure gateway.

mondCloud B2B Gateway

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