Glad to announce that Flash GlobalLogistics, a premier 3PL that manages the supply chain for rapidly expanding companies went live today with its Customer Google, using the MONDCloud platform. Flash Global is a leading authority on worldwide end-to-end service supply chain solutions. It helps companies attain visibility, scalability, predictability etc. in managing their supply chain in 90 countries with 780+ worldwide locations. Implementing the B2B solution using the MOND platform involves complex business rules to provide inventory visibility,shipping requests, shipping confirmations, making inventory adjustments etc. It also involves rigorous Business Activity Monitoring to ensure the SLA's are met and notify the support teams in case of any issues. After rigorous testing involving Google teams, Flash teams, Coreflex teams and the MOND customer on-boarding team, we just went live this morning. Congratulations and a big thank you to all the team members for working hard to ensure a timely completion. Pixel Perfect…

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