One of our customers recently completed a complex REST API based integration in 4 hours. A Similar integration took 4 months for their competitor.

Completing a complex REST API based integration in 4 hours looks ridiculous particularly if it takes 4 months for someone else. While such productivity gains are not possible in every integration project using mondCloud, there are certain reasons why mondCoud integrations result in enormous productivity gains for our customers.

Most API based integration projects are technical in nature. They require a lot of deep technical know-how regarding the security, handshake , retry, data transformation and business rules among other things.

The technical teams may not posses the business know-how to complete the integration, while the business analyst may not posses the technical skills required by the tool to complete the integration.  This requires a team of developers and business analysts to work together to successfully complete the integration.

mondCloud simplifies and automates  the integration process so that a business analyst can complete the integration independently without any support from the technical team. Alternatively even the junior most integration rngineer can complete complex integrations rapidly using the mondCloud process flow designer.

Because mondcloud handles the internal complexity of securely invoking REST API's, automates data transformations, simplifies business rules creation and  other integration requirements, complex integrations projects results in improvement of several order of magnitude.

Since mondCloud generates most of the code, it is just not possible for an integration project to have to any security issues. Developers and business analyst focus on the business requirements leaving security and scalability to the platform. This dramatically simplifies and reduces the development and testing timeframe

To conclude building integrations with mondCloud is like driving a Level 3 FSD (Full Self Driving) car while other integrations tools are like driving a manual car.

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