Moving enterprise application and processes to mondCloud brings enormous benefits in terms of reduced internal architecture, license costs, hardware costs, monitoring costs and can create an agile foundation for business transformation. At the same time, companies should feel confident that their data and business rules are stored in a secure way with multiple layers of security that would make breaching them extremely difficult.

mondCloud has security and protection built right into its strategy and design, not added on as an afterthought.

(1) Built with a data-centered approach to security

Your data is protected at all times—in rest, in motion and in use, with 24/7 data encryption.

(2) Third Party Security Audits

mondCloud undergoes regular third-party audits to validate controls are operating effectively to protect customer data.

(3) Advanced Governance Capabilities

With our built-in security architecture and advanced business activity monitoring we keep your business running as expected. 

(4) Continuous regulatory compliance

mondCloud helps your regulatory compliance with our extended governance capabilities. Our secure platform logs in all actions performed by users and has audit trails that shows the user name, action performed date, the action performed, action type, etc. Automated audit trails also track and report critical events like user creation, deactivation, data download, update to password policy, etc. In addition, you can implement auditing and reporting practices to simplify audits and help meet government, industry, and internal compliance requirements. You can quickly identify and fix compliance issues across your organization and reduce auditing costs.

(5) Access rights management

All access to applications and data is managed through integration with enterprise directories and role-based access rights. This helps you prevent unauthorized access to applications and controls user and administrator access rights.

(6) Encryption for data in-transit and rest

Customers/Partners send documents to the cloud using secure protocols. For example: https, AS2, RNIF encryption protocols are used to exchange documents with mondcloud. FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) are some of the other secure mechanisms used. These secure methods ensure that data is transferred to mondCloud in a secure way. Audit trails are maintained for inbound/outbound data transmissions.

mondCloud application encrypts all documents and stores them in the database server. This ensures that sensitive business information is not viewable unless authorized. The business data can be viewed only after applying decryption, via the application. The viewing of the data is controlled by means of access rights.

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