With mondCloud™ ESB, files can be encrypted or decrypted using PGP standards using our Channel Configurator.

mondCloud™ ESB enables you to:

  • Encrypt files with one or more public keys
  • Decrypt files with private keys
  • Sign files with private keys
  • Verify digital signatures in files using public keys

The entire process is logged and transaction logs are maintained for every step. MOND ESB for PGP is used by banks, financial institutions, retailers and logistics providers to transfer information in a very secure manner.

mond™ PGP Configuration

MOND ESB for PGP Encryption supports the following Ciphers:

  1. AES-128
  2. AES-192
  3. AES-256
  4. Blowfish
  5. CAST5
  6. DES
  7. IDEA
  8. SAFER
  10. Twofish 
  11. Double_SHA
  12. HAVAL_5_160
  13. MD2
  14. MD5
  15. RIPEMD-160
  16. SHA1
  17. SH2-256
  18. SHA-384
  19. SHA-512

MOND ESB for PGP Encryption supports the following Hash algorithms:

  1. Double_SHA
  2. HAVAL_5_160
  3. MD2
  4. MD5
  5. RIPEMD-160
  6. SHA1
  7. SH2-256
  8. SHA-384
  9. SHA-512

MOND ESB also supports ASCII armor. This is a binary-to-textual encoding converter. ASCII armor involves encasing encrypted messaging in ASCII so that they can be sent in a standard messaging form.

Depending on the above PGP configuration settings, MOND ESB can read files from FTP servers, and decrypt PGP encrypted files.

Similarly, based on these settings, MOND will automatically encrypt any file and upload it to FTP servers.

In case of any errors, MOND ESB will retry (based on configuration) and notify the support team in case of any errors.

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