School Specialty (SSI) is a leading Company in North America providing innovative products and programs to the Educational Marketplace, It provides over 110,000 educational products from the most trusted brands nationwide, including Crayola, 3M, Elmer’s and their own proprietary brands such as Childcraft, Sax, EPS, Califone, and Frey, among others. School Specialty's team of researchers, content developers, product designers and both current and former educators, continuously design and develop unique educational products - school supplies, standards-based curriculum and supplemental learning resources, furniture and more - to help educators meet the evolving needs of all their students. SSI had a supply chain partnership with over 375 vendors and 20 customers, integrated through a third party B2B integration platform. Despite the integrated supply chain, SSI was unable to grow their business volumes, the main impediment being the time taken to on-board new trading partners and the time taken to incorporate changes to business messages exchanged with trading partners.

Taking first steps towards improving the supply chain agility, SSI chose to migrate the B2B integrations to MOND Cloud Platform during January 2016 and commissioned a pilot project to migrate 9 vendors to the MOND Cloud Platform.

And here we are…March 2016 ! It is less than 2 months from the date of commissioning the pilot project and SSI is already live with 9 Vendors on the MOND Cloud Platform.

The IT project manager while talking on the success of the pilot said

“The whole migration could be done in less than 2 months’ time, aided by the semantic mapping and automated testing capabilities of MOND Platform. I am sure, the success of this pilot and the learning we have established will help us in migration of our entire B2B supply chain integration to MOND Platform within the program deadlines.”

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