Many times we need unique running serial numbers. This is useful to generate Order numbers, Invoice numbers, Customer numbers etc. Lets implement this using MOND ESB in just 2 lines of code. Login to MOND ESB and create a new service. For this service, you do not need a source document type or a target document type. To generate any unique number, we need a pattern. MOND provides comprehensive support to generate unique numbers using different patterns including

  • Fixed text
  • Month, Year, Date, Time etc
  • Unique Serial Number, optionally padded with zero's, to get a fixed length
  • Increasing Serial Number starting from a particular number
  • Decreasing Serial Number starting from a particular number, etc.

In the MOND service, click the Input Output button and enter 'quoteNumber' as a String output variable. Close this tab and then click 'Add at same level' and choose Operator 'Variable --> Variable String'. Enter '$quoteNoPattern' as the variable name and [HM-QUOTE]-[%UniqueNumber-5] as Initial Value. This will generate numbers using the fixed block HM-QUOTE and a unique 5 digit number. Next, click 'Add at the same level' and choose Operator 'Util --> NumberGenerator'. In Object Name, enter SalesOrderNumber, or InvoiceNumber, or a unique identifier that represents the category for this number pattern. This way, you can have a different set of numbers for another category(object). In the number pattern dropdown, choose the previously saved variable'$quoteNoPattern' that holds the pattern based on which the number will be generated. Next enter '10000' as the starting number and choose the variable$quoteNumber in the Set Field dropdown. This will generate a unique number and save the output in this variable.

Click Simulate to run this service. You will see log entries similar to these

06:54:37.498:Executing Map:generateQuotationNumber- 1.00

06:54:37.498:Stored '[HM-QUOTE]-[%UniqueNumber-5]' in $quoteNoPattern

06:54:37.500:Stored 'HM-QUOTE-10000' in $quoteNumber

Click simulate again. You will see log entries similar to these

06:55:20.52:ExecutingMap:generateQuotationNumber - 1.00

06:55:20.52:Stored'[HM-QUOTE]-[%UniqueNumber-5]' in $quoteNoPattern

06:55:20.54:Stored'HM-QUOTE-10001' in $quoteNumber.

In less than 5 minutes we created a unique running serial number. You can invoke this service from BPM, WebService, REST API, other MOND Services etc..

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