In the EDI world, connecting to an FTP Server is one of the most frequent tasks. There are plenty of open source and commercial FTP clients, so what value does MOND add to FTP? Before we get into that, let's consider some typical FTP requirements

  • Ability to connect to  any FTP/FTPS/SFTP server using a single client
  • Store the passwords in a secure way
  • Option to use certificates instead of passwords
  • Run time maps should be able to connect to test FTP servers or production FTP servers based on run time configuration, without changing maps
  • Ability to schedule the maps to connect to FTP servers and pull documents. (daily/weekly, every few minutes) etc.
  • Ability to use the same map to connect to FTP servers of different trading partners.(Otherwise it will result in copy-paste and several hundred maps that do the same thing).
  • Ability to retry ftp file get/put after a time interval.(Because FTP servers can fail)
  • Error Handling (Email notification) based on specific error conditions.  It goes without saying that development and production email accounts will be different.
  • Automatic backup of files read from an FTP server(Read the file from FTP server, process it, delete from FTP server, and archive the file).
  • Finally ability to process documents read from FTP server based on routing rules. (Ex: EDI/XML/Document Type/Trading Partner etc)

If you look at each of these in detail, implementing an FTP client becomes a project by itself. MOND cloud provides out of the box(out of the cloud?) options to handle all of the above different requirements. Each of the above requirements are configurable options in MOND cloud, that makes connecting to FTP servers a trivial task and at the same provides enormous functionality with high quality.

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