Download this datasheet to learn about how insurers are driving innovation by using modern API technology to improve the customer experience of policyholders, brokers, and partners.


The use of digital technology has resulted in customer expectations of minimal hassle in the buying process. But insurers are still saddled with legacy systems. Harness the power of legacy systems by building APIs from them to connect internal data to external applications.


Provides legacy modernization by wrapping legacy systems with a decoupled integration layer, bridging traditional batch-based processes to real time, digital cloud applications

Client Connectivity

Insurance involves interaction between multiple parties across many organizations. In the sales process, there often is an agent/broker or other intermediary. In the servicing of a policy, a underwriting, broker, legal counsel, and/or claims adjuster might be involved.

Insurance as a Platform

API infrastructure also acts as a common platform on which insurers and partners can develop. Insurtech firms connect to an insurer's platform to leverage the provider's insurance license and access their risk capacity.

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