Step 1

Define an implementation Service

Implementation of service task can be done without writing Java code. mondCloud Integration Development Console provides a service development interface which can be used by business analysts to develop service logic using a standard web browser.

  • Login to mondCloud.
  • Navigate to the Build Tab
  • In the left navigation menu, navigate to Services -> Projects Page.
  • Select a project under which you wish to create the implementation service. Alternatively, create a new project by clicking New Project button in the bottom of the Project tab.
  • In the RHS grid, click New Service. Select the Service Type as standard, enter the name of the service, then set PF checkbox to Checked. This indicates that it is a process flow service.
  • Click Save Service.
  • Click on the service name hyperlink. A new window will open for developing the implementation logic of the Service.
  • Click InputOutput button. Two grids will be opened to specify the input and output of the service.
  • In the Input grid, click New Input. A row will be added in the grid. Select the Data Type, and provide a instance name for the variable. This is same as defining the variables in the process properties which we learned above in the Binding Data To Process section above.
  • Similarly, define the output variables. The output variables will return the output of the service to the business process.
  • Create the implementation logic. You may refer mondCloud™ Mapping Operators Guide to understand the different operators available for service development and their usage.
  • Create the implementation logic. 

Step 2

Associate the implementation Service to a Service Task

  • Login to mondCloud BPM.
  • Navigate to Designer -> Business Process Model. 
  • Select the business process. The business process diagram will open.
  • In the business process diagram, double click the service task for which you have to associate the implementation. The Task Properties window will open.
  • In the Project field, select the project which contains the implementation service.
  • In the Map field, select the implementation service defined.
  • Close the Properties window.
  • Click Save Process to save your changes.
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